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Allen J

Hi, I'm Allen J. I have 5 years of hunting experience That I'd like to share with you. Most of the time you can find me here writing some tips about hunting that I'm using. If you ever want to reach me, send me a message at

10 Best Compound Bow for Women

Best Compound Bow for Women
Archery is a sport that is positively trending across the globe, and like men, women too are participating in this sport in sheer numbers. This number is close to 30% in the US, and thus, the need for manufacturing specialized…

Is Hoyt Better Than Mathews or Not?

is Hoyt better than Mathews
Hoyt and Mathews are prominent for their high-quality & luxury bows. And, the world most famous archers have used these both in many tournaments. So, it is problematic to answer the question of- is Hoyt is better than Mathews.But, the…